Day Visits To Gonarezhou

Enjoy the vast wilderness of Gonarezhou

Day Visits to Gonarezhou

 Gonarezhou National Park welcomes day visitors (walk-ins), those that intend to visit the Park without prior bookings. Day trips to the Park are extremely enjoyable and they provide an unbelievable experience.

Gonarezhou is about wilderness – about tourism for conservation – about preserving this space for the future.
Chivilila Viewpoint, Gonarezhou National Park
Self-Drive Daytrip
As a self-drive day tripper to Gonarezhou National Park, there are various recommended routes to drive. One of the key attractions in the Park is undoubtedly the Chilojo Cliffs, about 2.5 hours from the Chipinda Pools Gate. Most roads require at least a high-clearance vehicle and 4x4 is recommended.
Game Drives
Group game drives are available on request either through a registered tour operator in Gonarezhou or using one of our trained learner guides and Gonarezhou Vehicle. Our guides are recruited from the local communities and trained internally in preparation for their Learner Professional Guide qualification.
Day visitors can visit any of the designated picnic sites in the park for some relaxation and a bite to eat. The picnic sites are placed in key areas of the park, showcasing the park's unique landscapes and wildlife. *NB. No fires are permitted at picnic sites and guests are required to leave not trace behind after visiting the Park

Things you Need to Know


Safety– The safety of our visitors and staff is always our top priority. We want your day to be memorable for the right reasons.
  • Stay on designated roads and ensure you are prepared with food and water in case you become stranded.
  • Do not attempt to take any roads, crossings or obstacles unless you are sure you can pass through – the park is remote.
Etiquette – You are a visitor to this wild place, make sure that you tread as lightly as possible, showing respect for the park, its wildlife and your fellow visitors.
  • Gonarezhou has a strict carry-in carry-out policy – don’t leave anything behind. If you brought it with you, make sure it leaves with you.
Rules– Rules help ensure visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience and help protect the Park. Each visitor to Gonarezhou is provided a code of conduct outlining the do’s and don’t’s for your visit to the Park.